The Bell Witch Cave - Assignment Example

Liz and Jimmy both walked through the field, holding their arms out. letting the tall and smooth grass flow around their arms. It was mid-summer and the sun beat down on the field and there was a mild breeze in the air. As normal Liz was in Adams, Tennessee for the week to visit her cousin Jimmy on the farm. Adams was a rustic old town right in the middle of Tennessee’s vast countryside. What few inhabitants Adams had made their living from farming. Each year Liz grew more tired of the old farming town.

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“So Jimmy is there anything else to do around here beside milk cows and bring in the crops? Jimmy shrugged, gazed out over the fields and answered in his lazy rural drawl. “Oh I don’t know. There’s fishing, ball games. I like to read, watch T. V… ” “Come on, there has to be something better to do around here, what’s the coolest thing about Adams, Tennessee? ” Jimmy stared down at his feet and thought for a bit. “Well, we got the Bell Witch cave” mumbled Jimmy. “Now we’re talking! So where is this cave and why’s it called the Bell Witch cave? ” inquired Liz.

“I dunno’ it’s probably blocked off now anyway, people say its haunted or somethin'” said Jimmy trying to avoid the subject. C’mon I bet it’s better than anything else we could do around here. Lets go” said Liz enthusiastically. “It’s at least a two miles away and I doubt-” “Don’t be a wuss, come on lets go” Reluctantly Jimmy headed off in the direction of the cave and tried is best to convince Liz not to go to the cave. No matter what he said Liz stayed determined. They made there way slowly over field after field until they finally saw it – a gaping black hole yawning ominously out of the side of a steep rocky bluff.

As they climbed up to the slope towards it Jimmy held back a bit, a twinge of fear shot through his body. But Liz already was entering into the looming darkness of the cave. They progressed deeper and deeper into the cave until it became difficult to see. Jimmy brought a lighter out his pocket and the cave glowed mysteriously. The glowing flame set eerie flickering shadows of the rock formations hanging from the ceiling and jutting out of the floor. Fear raged through Jimmy. He knew all the stories from town.

No one even dared enter this cave after the fall of the Bell family; the witch haunted them until they all went manic, or so the story goes. The stories burned in the back of Jimmy’s mind as he and Liz progressed further and deeper into the treacherous cave. Jimmy’s heart began to pound. His breath came in short bursts and the walls of the cave seemed to consume him. In a panic he dropped the lighter and they were plunged into darkness.

“Hey! ” called Liz “L… Liz I can’t do this, please… can we just head back. We’ve seen enough” Aww, is farmer boy backing out? C’mon pick up your lighter, I’m no where near done with this place. ” There was a long silence and Liz’s voice echoed down the cave. “Well…? ” she said “I’m really not comfortable doing this I’d rather we-” “Whatever, just wait outside for me. Toss me your lighter I won’t be long” “I can’t, you’re my responsibility” “Responsibility? ” argued Liz “I can take care of myself thank you very much, I’m not a little girl” Liz snatched the lighter and ventured deeper in to the cave, she was fascinated by its razor sharp stalactites.

Jim watched her until she was out of sight, and then ran back to the entrance. His chest heaved, and he was gasping for breath. He thought to himself whether Liz would be ok or not. Whether he should go back and find her. He didn’t know what to do. Liz stumbled and lost her footing. She became trapped between two huge stalagmites. There smooth rippled surfaces rubbed against her skin. It sent a chill through her body. The more she tried to wriggle free the more she became wedged. She cried in terror for help. No one replied to her plead.

She screamed again, but again there was silence. Liz began to panic. No matter what she couldn’t struggle free. Liz could hear a high pitched scraping noise and gasping, they shot up the cave and the noise grew louder and louder until Liz could swear they were right on top of her. The noise stopped. “Jimmy…? ” Suddenly two clammy hands slid along her legs and gripped her ankle. The hands yanked her free with an unsurpassed strength, it was like a cork was being pulled out a bottle. Liz panicked and tried to get free and she wailed as she was dragged away.

Then she was dropped. She fell free of the grasp and hit the ground with a soft thump. She looked around and saw Jimmy staring down at her from the mouth of the cave. “Jimmy, you saved me! ” cried Liz. She started sobbing uncontrollably and hugged him, he pulled back and stared her in the eye. “Liz… I never went back into the cave” Her sobbing ceased, there was panic and confusion on her face as she looked back into the cave. Then from deep in the cave they heard it – the ghastly cackle of the Bell Witch as she floated back into the darkness.