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Attica Prison Revolt Assignment

The Attica prison revolt had many conditions that would cause many of the inmates to have a riot. The condition in which these inmates lived was horrible. I know when a person commit a crime they are punished for the crime. This was very cruel of how these inmates were treated. The uniforms did not fit the inmates well. The meals were not pleasant and baths were giving once a week. These inmates had to pay for their toilet items and the state clothing and these items were brought from the commissary.

They weren’t making enough money and would often hustle. When the riot happened the inmates were able to move about the facility because of the gate not working. They saw this as a chance to get even with the correctional officers. They probably thought of all the conditions of how they were being treated. I want to know if they did check the gates to make sure if they were operational. The state did the best that could’ve been done because of the inmates had taken over part of the yard. Once they got out it was hard to take to control of the inmates.

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The violence had already happened and an officer lost his life. Inmates also lost their lives and it was considered to be one of the bloodiest one-day encounters among American since the Civil war. This is such a terrible incident that happened. Maybe if the governor would have intervened lives wouldn’t have been lost. We must always remember to treat others how we want to be treated. Even if a crime has been committed and the inmate is doing time its no need to treat them like they don’t have feelings.

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