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Assess the effects on those using the service of three different discriminatory practices Assignment

The first environment where discriminatory practice may take place is could be in a doctor’s clinic. A Doctor can be discriminated against there nationality because English may not be their first language. This can result in the doctors self esteem being reduced they may feel isolated from this problem than to fellow college who do speak English as there first language. This can be a form of marginalisation and start a path of because avoided and abandoned.

To keep this from continuing the doctor could talk with a colleague, they could report the case or assign person the workers can go to. They could even take the case to the general doctor’s council. It is illegal to be discriminated against. And can result of lose of job if proved in the courts of justice. Next is a hospital that refuses wheel chair asses this is discrimination and is illegal, there are legislations to put this into order. This means the servie is unable to help the wheel chair bound meaning they re refusing medical help from hospital.

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This can reduce self esteem causing depression and more health inequalities. It also lowers their confidence level because they are unable to access the same services. This is a form of disempowerment because their rights have been taken away. This is not equally opportunity. To ensure equal rights to wheel chair users is to construct ramp where there are steps and built lifts along with disabled toilets and wide doors however there must be permission from the council and must met health and safety regulations.

However, sometime this can not be because, of the nature. For example an old building that can not have more attachments on it. Only simple small changes can be made such as a slope inserted The last effects of discrimination are could be in a rehab setting where they are discriminated for previous drinking and drug use. If a nurse refuses to admistrate treatment because she believes they do not deserve it this can lead to an investigation in all circumstance if discriminatory practise is taking place, she may lose her job.

The patient feels like they can not ask for help. And this could lead to dramatic causes to poorer health equalities. This will not help build a relationship with the nurse or build trust resulting in confidence taken away in asking for help leading to developing more illnesses in this case distress and deep depression. To stop this incident occurs a solution could be completing a course to help understand how to deal with venerable service users and how to treat them with equal understanding.

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