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Arthrex Essay

Arthrex Is a global medical device company and leader In new product development and medical education in orthopedics. The company was started in 1981 in Munich, Germany by Reinhold Schmieding, and has since moved its headquarters to Naples, Florida. They have locations in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Some locations Include Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Denmark, Poland, Florida, California, and Canada to name a few of the countries it distributes its products to worldwide.

More than 94% of Arthrex’s products are manufactured in the united States, and exported o more than 100 countries in the world. To go along with their mission of helping surgeons treat patients better and contribute to safe and successful patient outcomes, their corporate location in Naples, Florida serves as an education destination for surgeons from around the world to learn about new products and techniques through hands-on surgical skills training programs.

To this day Arthrex holds about 200 patents in orthopedic devices. Employment As an employer Arthrex will match 100 percent to employees 401 K contributions. Employees receive medical and dental insurance and basic life insurance on day one of employment. Many companies require 90 days of employment before offering medical insurance. Other perks of being an Arthrex employee include, catered lunches, language skills training programs, vlslon reimbursement, and short/long term disability.

Employee wages range from starting salary of $34K to over $50K a year. Arthrex is responsible for more than 250 jobs in Naples, Florida alone and another 125 In Europe. Their intercompany employee mission is, Making People Better, described as “Arthrex invests In helping to make our employees’ lives better through Job security, growth opportunity and wellness support in a safe, friendly, and team-oriented work environment that fosters mutual respect and camaraderie. ” (Arthrex. om)

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In the Community and Awards Arthrex Is Involved In the community with their Arthrex Charitable Team (ACTI where they organize food drives and toy drives, they also educate the public on health awareness. The Arthrex Foundation is to help families in developing countries and wherever poverty prevails. With this foundation Arthrex is proud to have completed their project Uganda Medical Cllnlc which alms to Improve the provlslon of healthcare in order to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates.

One of their current projects is the Primary Schools in Haiti that were affected by the earthquake in January 2010. Their goal is to rebuild two schools in Croix-de-Bouquettes, Haiti. This will allow children to return to a much larger school big enough to fit up to 1,200 students. In collier county alone, Arthrex has received the collier county Economic Development Council Excellence in Industry Award for Innovation in 2011, the Naples Alliance for Children’s Family Friendly Business Award in 2010, and most recently received the Naples Alliance for Children’s Employer of the Year Award In 2012.

Conclusion Living in Naples, Florida for the past 20 years, I never knew much about Arthrex. I of its logo. After reading about the company and what they do for the community, I have come to admire and respect what the company stands for and its numerous accomplishments throughout the years. There is much to say about a company that not only participates and helps the community but also values its employees.

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