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Arranged Marriage Essay

Nowadays, arranged marriage has been less practised by this generation, fewer on western countries and lesser on eastern countries. An arranged marriage is a marriage that the choice of husband or wife made by their parents or elders. Many young people think that this practise is a bit outdated while parents think that it is quite suitable. There is one question arises from all side, what is the pros and cons of arranged marriage if it is practised on this era?

Parents choosing a life partner on the side of their children is either risky or assurance on the children’s future life. Since that their child just meet up their’s life partner once or twice and get married at the end. They do not know the partner’s behavior, background and interest. This is just like the hidden ‘side’ of their partner. They should know each other before getting married, so that they can cope with the other’s behaviour and hidden ‘side’ Some of the arranged marriage has problems which is miscommunication and misunderstanding due to their not knowing each other well. This situation may cause domestic violence, arguing and even end up with divorce. Hence, it is a con in today’s society if arranged marriage is practised.

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To add on, freedom is not given to children in choosing their life partner. This may equal to forced married. This is not fair to their children while to fulfill parent’s hope, children not even have a chance to take part in their marriage plan. Only parents are the side who are involved! Is the parents knowing their children’s other part well? Definitely no ! neither personality nor their background. Today’s younger generation is quite stubborn, especially on the freedom on their choosing. Hence, when a life partner is chosen by their parents, it may lead to conflict with family and affected the family relationship. Hence, not having a freedom of choice is one of the cons.

But, in this busy work life, everyone is seeking for money and busying with their work. They don’t even have time to look for their life partner. Therefore, arranged arriage would play a role on here. Since they are busy, hence parents would choose for their side. This can help to reduce hassle of finding suitable partner. Parents would be a suitable matchmaker because they have more experience on this. To be summarized, arranged marriage would play role as pros in this situation.

Besides that, arranged marriage also suitable for those who don’t have any stance or opinion on their life partners. Therefore, parents would arranged for them since their children do not have their stance. Not even the parent choose their children’s marriage, they also help to lead a better life. Not all arranged marriages are fail. Some are very successful because they both come from similar background and can tolerate with each others.

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