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Argument on safety on public transport in Chicargo Essay

Have you ever used public transportation in Chicago? Have you ever sat next to a total stranger on a subway train? Or, have you ever taken the “L” train at night? Well I have done all of the these things while going to work and from downtown Chicago. I work in downtown Chicago, so I take the “L” everyday to and from work. Sometimes it is really frightening inside these trains, especially at night, since there are no security officers, or conductors inside the cars, there is only one person, and that is the engineer all the way in the front of the train. To help people feel less frightened, the CTA needs to improve only one thing, get more employees on these trains.

The CTA should hire more workers as train conductors or security officers and put them on the public trains. They should do this because there is no one to protect the riders except the engineer who is in the front of the train. When I go to work there are lots of people on the train, and hardly any space to sit or stand. People push each other out of their way just to get inside the train to find a seat. In this situation no one has time to worry about who they are sitting or standing next to. I am afraid to ride the train, especially at night. What I am most afraid of is that someone, a total stranger can harm me just for no reason. With no security inside these trains, it’s hard to even close your eyes for a second. You have to be looking around all the time to see if you are safe.

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One night around eight or nine o’clock, as I was coming home I observed an event that horrified me and made me scared to even ride the train. That night there were only couple of people in the train, who looked terrifying and weird. I was scared because these people were acting strangely and I thought that they would do something to me. For example harm me, or steal something from me. So just to be safe, I sat as close as I could to the front of the train. Once my station arrived I was so relieved that I was out of that train. But I am more worried about other people like parents who come with their kids, elderly people and tourists. They shouldn’t have to worry about their lives when they are on the trains, because the purpose of these trains is to take people from one point to another. There is only one way that the CTA can make these trains a safer place to ride on, and that is to get more CTA workers acting as security officials on every train.

There may be lots of ways the CTA can help make the trains a safer place to ride. One of the easiest ways would be to hire more workers who can act as security officers inside the trains. There is no reason for having a security officer in each car, but it would definitely help if there were officers in every other car of the train. I think the security officers would make a huge difference in the security of the riders. If there are more security officers inside these cars, riders won’t have to worry about getting harmed by anyone, or worry about something getting stolen. The riders can simply enjoy the train ride while knowing that they are in a safe environment.

In conclusion, a train should be a safe place for riders to ride on, because if its not a safe place, riders will loose their trust in public transportation and will have to rely on their cars. At this point, the CTA trains are not a safe place to ride. They are not safe because there is no security on these cars; there is only one CTA official and that is the train engineer in the front of the train. People are scared for their lives while riding these trains. I know this because I have been taking the CTA trains for the past seven-months and I have experienced different events while riding on these trains. In conclusion, I feel the CTA needs to hire more workers who will act as security officers on these trains, and make the trains a safer place not just for me, but also for all the people who ride them.

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