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Working annotated bibliography template specificities Assignment

A working annotated bibliography is a reference list comprising all possible sources that may be applied in the process of compilation of a particular assignment. The nature of the list is changeable. It may be modified at any stage of a writing process. The reasons can be different starting from the irrelevance of a source and ending with the unacceptable content of a specific cause. A working bibliography can also evolve depending on the stage of a writing process. Apart from that, this type of literature can be called “working” as it allows to trace the whole work performed by a writer throughout the entire writing process.

As a rule, a working bibliography consists of three structural part. The first block includes the sources that will be used as they are suitable, relevant and profoundly sense loaded. The second section comprises a source that will probably be used; however, there is no specific guarantee. The last block includes the references that you probably will not apply in your project. A working bibliography undergoes modifications throughout the whole writing process. It evolves and changes. It is usually much longer than the bibliography that will be included in the final version of a paper, as it serves mainly as a draft presenting a couple of useful notes for a writer.

Annotated bibliography template that works

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As it was already mentioned above a working bibliography is a changeable list of references, serving as a draft for a writer. It can be modified multiple times throughout the whole writing process. That’s why it is essential to have an opportunity to edit it and replace various sources quickly. A good strategy will be to use a computer. One can also apply for note cards, each of which will comprise info about one source. Concerning the info, which should be compulsorily included in the working bibliography, it should consist of the name of library and section, call number and make sure to note all the info that you may need for a work cited entry.

In comparison to annotated bibliography template working bibliography, the template has its peculiarities, which should be taken into account be writer dealing with the
compilation of this reference list. For books, the template should include the following info:

  • Author, editor, organization.
  • Title.
  • Editor and translator.
  • Location of publication.
  • Publishing house.
  • Date.
  • Call index.

For articles:

  • Author.
  • Title.
  • Name of a periodical.
  • An indication of a volume number and number of the periodical.
  • Date.
  • Page number of the article.

Tips and guidelines

A working bibliography presents the list of references that will or will not be applied by the student. The primary task of a writer compiling a working bibliography is to preserve the order. It is essential to organize everything properly and sort useful, potentially useful and probably useless sources. Primarily, you need to pick a topic for your paper. After that, move to the gathering of sources. While compiling the working bibliography, try to select all the sources that may be suitable for your topic. The list should include all the possible sources that you may discover while starting your research. Bear in mind the fact that the list may change. However, a good strategy is to include all the potentially suitable references to make the gather of the info either. After you include all the sources in your list, you can move to the next stage. It presupposes the gathering of the info. To save you time, try to note the info about each source immediately. Try to make notes, which will mark a significance of a specific reference to having opportunity orient easier. You may also order them in alphabetic order, or group them judging from a priority of a source. The last thing to remember is the rules of citing. Settle on a specific formatting style, for example, MLA or APA and try to gather all the necessary details that you may need for quoting.

Annotated Bibliography Template

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