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Animal testing Essay

Animal testing is when heartless scientists torture helpless animals to find out if their latest shampoo/ make up product will work. The animals are taken against their will, to laboratories. Where they are locked in tiny cages and mistreated, until it is they’re turn to be tormented and eventually, after a lot of pain, killed. To do that to an animal is extremely cruel.

But its not just cosmetics that scientists use on the animals, they try to find cures for diseases by putting the diseased cells in their bodies and watching the growths and progress. The most common one to use is cancer; doctors place a cancerous lump in the animal’s body and try to find a cure by using different chemical solutions (this is all done whilst the animal is conscious).

The pictures in the library about animal testing are horrendous, there were pictures of dogs that had just had a major operation on its brain and it had just been left on a cold stone floor to heal.

The testing wouldn’t be so bad if the animals couldn’t feel it and were put back to normal and then released again, or even the scientists could leave their bodies to scientific medical research, but its not like that.

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The scientists have secret laboratories where they test on animals and then dispose of them when their finished. Reporters have managed to get into these labs and have been mortified at what they have discovered:

Shelly Winsted, reports; “it was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, there where 15-20 lab rats in one cage, all on top of each other trying to get the little food that was left, it was heartbreaking”.

The main issue the government are deciding is whether or not it should be legal or illegal. Every day people protest outside labs for animal safety, they believe that no living creature should be treated in such a cruel way, when the scientists come out of the building to go home; the protesters often attack them, which causes more of a problem.

In conclusion I think that animal testing for cosmetics is very wrong and so is medical testing. There is no need for medical testing because many people leave their bodies to medical science when they die, so why can’t scientists use them to find cures? There are so many different excuses for this but the facts are that animals are being tortured against their will in illegal labs and nothing is being done about it. Are you for or against animal testing? Make your voice heard by joining the R.S.P.C.A or green peace, and stop this cruelty once and for all.

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