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Ancient China and Ancient Egypt Assignment

There are many correlations in the death and funerary customs of Ancient China and Ancient Egypt. Although the funeral beliefs of Ancient Chinese and Ancient Egyptian greatly resemble each other, the actual practices diverge significantly. These are mummification of the body, process of burial and the materials they used. Both civilizations believed in the afterlife and buried goods with the dead for the afterlife and protection. They also mummified the body to preserve them from rotting. Egypt believed when people passes, if they were preserved than they might have an afterlife.

The Egyptians would put the dead mummified people in solid gold coffins and filled the burial room with treasures. China believed in the burial method as well. They would bury the Chinese people in the ground and pour water on them, then put them in a hanging coffin. Yet, the Chinese also believed in cremation, were they burn the body into ashes. However, they both had different procedures and ideas. Ancient Egyptians washed the body with water or wine and then removed all the internal organs.

After 40days, they wrapped the body with linen bandages. On the other hand, Ancient Chinese cleaned the dead body and then wrapped the body with silk without removing the organs. Also they had set period of time for mourning. Finally, Ancient China and Ancient Egypt practiced grand funerals in preparation of afterlife, like mummifications, although they contrast in the actual funeral processes. With many similarities and differences, they are both renowned for their flourish and established traditional customs.

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