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Anchorman-Reviews Broadsheet style Essay

This 90 minutes of manic male manifestation, set in the glitz and glamour of 70’s San Diego, although filmed in the very apt and sunny Long Beach California has our top headlines for sure. It’s packed with popularity, celebrity faces and style. The film itself raises the issue of women, sexism and female liberty in 70’s America. This era/attitude is portrayed well by the actions of one arrogant man and his comical news crew. Ron Burgundy, the ‘legendary’ San Diego head anchorman is played by Will Ferrell (Elf) who plays the part perfectly.

His trusty side kicks; Brick Tamland, Brian Fantana and Paul Rudd, all entertainingly and stereotypically ridiculous, help build up the intense awkwardness present that is in this film. Most notably, Brick, played by Steve Carrel who has history of other embarrassing roles, (such as in Bruce Almighty), plays the stupidly unintelligent nonce, Brick, who with an IQ of 48, shouldn’t open his mouth, but always manages to. The Channel 4 news team, full of laugh-out loud characters survive enemy encounters, comical confrontations and even treacherous combat with fellow competitive news teams, to defend their untouched reputation.

Veronica Corningstone, played by Christina Applegate (employee of the month), plays the part of a confident, brave and able newsreader with big ambitions who applies to join the news crew and when accepted is treated with minimal respect, zero dignity and little recognition. With a little determination, she survives a number of days in the strictly male dominated world of Anchoring, by enduring her embarrassingly mannered colleagues and their light sexual harassment.

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Ron Burgundy, the most extreme case of male cockiness, stubbornness and crudeness, was, at his moments, an ideal role model of a man, but his attitude and approach towards women eventually became less and less admired by everyone. Veronica and Ron spend time together until they ‘fall’ in love and fulfil they’re most sensual desires and wildest fantasies together. Depicted in a very captivating way; with a colourful and crazy cartoon called ‘Pleasure Town’. This cartoon scene is very relevant to the style of humour that is immature, and slightly corny but still entertaining.

After Ron had what he wanted with Veronica, the relationship deteriorated, and so did his performance as Head Anchor, so the incredibly hopeful and able Veronica broadcasted her first solo News flash, and steals his glory. Nothing can stop her and this female retribution and uprising. The plot and intentions are inspiring and mature but are expressed in the most outrageous of ways and after a cringe or three, this film grows on you and its absurdity becomes normality. It is enriched with powerfully funny scenes that encourage you to closely follow the story.

Will Ferrell’s contributions are clear in this movie, and are key to the overall effect, as without him this film would be awkwardly unfunny, rather than awkwardly hilarious, and along with Adam McKay’s ingenious and complex techniques (such as split screen shots, realistic animals, and great ability to adapt to the 70’s style) have made this film a winner, and in relation to a quote from the film, this news is bigger than yours. Rating: 4. 5/5, would recommend to American men, fans of the fantastic frat pack, and patriotic and feminist women.

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