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Analysis Of Paint Market In Ahmedabad With Special Focus On Decorative Paints Assignment

The main reason behind conducting these surveys is to know the preference, perception and attitude of the consumers & retailers during the purchase of paint, so we have conducted this survey to find out this problem and to suggest ways to over come these problems. We also tried to find out the attributes that are important to consumers while making a purchase decision.

We have also tried to gain an insight as to who are the major influences for the purchase of a specific product and what are the occasions on which the consumers purchase this kind of paint. The adopted research designs are Exploratory and Descriptive research designs. Exploratory study was undertaken for determining the questionnaire structure and for knowing the preference of brands for paints. Primary Data are collected by means of a survey. Since the aim was to find out perception of respondents, the questionnaire method was adopted. The questions included in the questionnaire were open, dichotomous and multiple choices.

1. For retailer’s survey, the universe was defined as all the paint shops in Ahmedabad. ( sample size is 50 retailers across Ahmedabad )

2. For consumer’s survey, the universe was defined as all the households and offices in Ahmedabad. (sample size is 150 consumers across Ahmedabad )

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We adopted Method of Convenience sampling because of time constraints. Fieldwork has been carried out at Ahmedabad City only. All the retailers in the city are purchasing directly from the company itself rather than going for intermediaries. Most of the retailers are carrying well-known brands like Asian Paints, Nerolac Paints and Berger Paints. Most of the retailers are stocking a particular brand mainly due to two reasons namely consumer demand and good margins.

According to retailers, quality, brand and price are the more influential factors which affects the consumer’ preference for a particular product. Retailers rank Asian Paint highest among all the companies in volume of sales. Oil paint, Distemper and Interior emulsion are the highest selling products among all the products offered by different companies in decorative paint During the months of festivals and marriages that is during Oct-Dec., the sale of paint is higher for retailers.

All the companies whether branded or unbranded are providing transportation facilities to retailers. But very few companies provide marketing assistance to very few retailers. None of the companies provide personal training to retailers.

In more than half of the households, family as a whole makes the decision for buying paint. Most of the consumers ranked brand, quality and advertising as a more influential factor, which affects the preference for a particular product.

Asian Paints, Nerolac Paints and Berger Paints is ranked highest by consumers respectively in terms of brand preference and awareness. Most of the consumers came to know about particular brand through advertising and publicity. An advertisement of the products does helps in making decision regarding which product to buy. Prices charged by the most of the branded companies are relatively fair and consumers also agreed to this fact. Only small proportion of respondents believe that prices charged by branded companies are high. In paint market, most of the consumers are brand loyal. Satisfaction level of consumers in the paint market is higher and most of the consumers satisfied with their preferred companies.

There should be price standardization of the product of the companies. The shade cards provided by the companies are insufficient. Long time of replacing the damaged/defected product should be reduced. The companies should try to design separate schemes for small retailers. Marketing assistance and personnel training should be provided by major paint companies so that it can be made easy for the retailers to convince the consumers about product and schemes.

Promotion schemes should be targeted to the end consumers rather than painters. Training should be given to painters about how to effectively use the paint. Prices of the products should be reduced and more discounts should be offered. The companies should try to increase awareness of the services through advertisements and events. Various companies should carry out more and more events like demonstrations of the products and sponsoring of social events which in turn creates the image of socially responsible company.

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