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Analyse and Explain the role and function of Mandir in the local Hindu community Essay

A mandir is a place for worshippers to go to experience a spiritual atmosphere for daily puja. The Mandir is ideal for everyday worship because it is very peaceful, making it easier to concentrate on loving God. Also, the Mandir is the abode of the God or Gods it is built for, so it can earn worshippers spiritual merit when they experience darshan, the feeling of awe of simply being in the presence of God. The mandir is an important part for many bahkti yogis, because their path of devotion can receive aid in the mandir through the advice of the priest.

Mandirs are a place to go for prayer, worship, and spiritual merit. simply being in the presence of the murti or God is enough to earn good karma. Darshan is a good way of gaining karma. The temple is a beautiful lotus flower in a spiritually polluted world of illusion- it is an escape for worshippers. In Hong Kong, it is an escape from technology and constant business. Worshippers can come here and relax, be at ease with the little nature in Hong Kong’s busy culture. The quietness also makes it easier for meditation, another way of earning good karma.

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The Hong Kong Temple is so peaceful it is not only a place for worship, but also a place that is simply nice to be. There is a small private library around the back of the temple, so that people may escape the chaos of Hong Kong’s constant business. The Hong Kong temple is also an escape for a bit of peace and quiet. The Hindu Mandir plays a vital role in the Hindu community. It is there where all religious ceremonies are held- marriages, festivals and celebrations, the reading of the scriptures. The ceremonies are held there because the priest, who knows how to perform the special ceremonies and pujas.

The priest also should also know how to read Sanskrit, so he can read out the Vedas and holy texts for worshippers to listen and learn. Mandirs are there to keep the traditions and beliefs of Hinduism going. worship is not the only way of keeping Hinduism alive- there are also lessons in held in the temple to encourage the continuity of the religion. In Hong Kong, These lessons include Sanskrit, cooking, and yoga. All these things will lead to a better and deeper understanding of the Hindu faith, encouraging and ensuring the passing on of the generation of the religion.

The Mandir is also an important source of education. It is said that although school is for the mind’s education, but the mandir is for the education of the soul; there are vital things that are not paid attention to in school but are emphasised on in Mandirs. Adults and children alike can both seek help from the priest at the mandir about moral and ethical problems and questions. The mandir is also for learning about life, and a place to go to for support and advice. Only in mandirs can you learn about life philosophies and how to live life.

Again, this keeps traditions and beliefs alive. The Hong Kong mandir is even more important to the local Hindu community because of the rareness of and sort of shrine or temple. There are temples every couple of minutes in India, but there are only two in the whole of Hong Kong. This makes every visit to the Hong Kong mandir a very valuable one. In India, the mandir is sometimes used as a charity and hospice for the beggars of India, using money from the donations of other worshippers. Some mandirs also offer medical attention and a place for the night.

The temple in Hong Kong is also a meeting place for Hong Kong’s Hindu community. Because of the business and inflexible working hours of Hong Kong’s business world, many people find it hard to find time to sit back and relax once in a while; there is no time for having fun and socialising. This is a big problem, because one of the four aims of life, kama, is to enjoy the beauty and pleasures of life. The Hong Kong mandir tries to bring this back into the lives of Hong Kong’s Hindu community by organising group dinners and meetings, so that the Hindus in Hong Kong can have a bit of fun once in a while.

Most importantly, the Hong Kong Mandir brings the Hindu Gods from India to Hong Kong. When certain Hindus need to move out of India for business or other reasons, especially the Vaishyas, who must travel a lot on business, they will want a place to continue their religion and way of life, to fulfil their Sanatana Dharma. The when temples are built, homes for the Gods are built, and this brings another holy structure into another unholy part of the world- another pure lotus flower in a sea of dirty water.

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