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James Bond-Die Another Day-From Conception to Projection Essay

Fleming, Ian Fleming is the man that created James Bond in 1953 and created the phenomenon. The years ahead awaited the anticipation of the new ‘Bond genre’ almost every two years for four decades. There has been five different actors-Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan- yet the character has not changed from the suave, sophisticated, sharp Englishman. Even in ‘Casino Royale’ there was a Bond girl named Vesper Lynd, these novel names have continued throughout the films.

The Bond girls have always managed to be, flirtatious and seductive towards Bond even if they are singing ‘Underneath the Mango Tree’. There hasn’t been one bond film that hasn’t had: guns, cars or an evil enemy. These aspects of the genre are what entice millions of men and women around the world to want to see the films. James Bond is the world’s most famous secret agent. In past missions, Bond has been into space, under the oceans and even driven around the streets of St. Petersburg in a tank. In ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ Bond seemed happiest amongst his new gadgets and blazing machine guns.

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Avid fans may have pointed out that this is a contrast to the man Fleming intended. James Bond is a well-spoken, educated and dressed. He always has something to say whether it’s about his mission or sarcasm-which is sometimes passed off as wit. Bond girls can either be dependable or expandable, but they are always sexy. They -to many fans- are one of the main attractions in the films. Tily Masterson tried to assassinate Goldfinger, almost killing Bond in the process. Sadly Odd Job killed her with his hat. Pussy Galore had a dislike in men, however she fell for Bond.

Sometimes they help him, sometimes they’re his enemy but somehow James Bond always gets a Bond girl into bed. Recently there has been a contrast between these Bond girls and the new independent Bond girl that has featured in Die Another Day named Jinx. She doesn’t come under the same category as the other Bond girls she wants to fight for herself not be saved by Bond-which happens anyway. They can be seen as “easy” some may argue that the way they’re portrayed is sexist but then others may say it’s fictitious so it doesn’t mean all women are that way.

Also their exotic names don’t let us forget that the characters and the stories are fictitious. These points are also attractions to the films. Famous for its action scenes in glamorous locations, there are always surprises such as: extra gadgets on the enemy’s car which may almost kill Bond in a car chase. The director uses a comic strip and a storyboard-to help them improve the film- for the film so they can work out which shots will make it more exciting for the audiences. They also have to look for suitable places to shoot the film.

Bond films generally have something to do the latest current affairs issue, the places involved may be where the film is being shot-or near there, in a similar location. Many cameras film the same scene so the editor(s)/director can see which part looks better and is most effective. They can also speed parts up such as car chases so they seem more impressive. Lots of film is wasted so it can be cut down, for example they will zoom in on faces and scenery etc. They also make it look like the actors are driving the cars or doing the other stunts.

Trailers are what create worldwide audiences, they include: the Bond girls, witty and sexual comments, villains, car chases and explosions. Some trailers also show small stories telling the plot of the film. These are all elements of Bond films which are used in the trailers to entice people into watching the films. James Bond has been around for forty years and I’m sure intends to be around for quite a while longer. There will always be audiences for these types of films -even If it isn’t James Bond- and while there is , films will be made for them.

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