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America’s War on Drugs Essay

Should the United States end the war on drugs? The answer to this question is no, for several reasons: one is that there remains the pressing concern about Americans, let along minors, involved in the use of illegal drugs which should all the more compel the government and the larger society to put a stop to the proliferation and use of these substances; two is that ending the war on drugs would further escalate the destructive impacts of these substances on the health of the people and on the general welfare and security of the entire population.

The third reason is no less compelling, which is that ending the war on drugs also means ending the efforts put in previous years just to address the concerns brought about by illegal drug use. Putting a stop to the efforts to resolve drug-related problems effectively implies the infirm and weak attitude of the country towards problems that are not easily resolved.

Indeed, the war on drugs is a war that has been going on for many years now, which goes without saying that it is also a war that has been aimed at ending an unrelenting problem perpetuated by those who succumb to the temptation of illegal drug use. But that is not to say that the unrelenting problem of drug use should be reason enough to stop waging the war on it. On the contrary, that should all the more be a reason to continue with the campaign against drugs and seize it with more conviction and stiffer measures.

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Apparently, drug problems are not easy problems to address, requiring years and years of efforts and a huge amount of resources. Yet abandoning the task of waging a war on drugs will only lead to the destruction of the future of the United States, at least in the sense that the present generation is still looking forward to a better day free from the threats of illegal drugs. The United States should not end its war on drugs. Rather, America should all the more unite as one in the fight for a drug-free society and a future that is secured from the harms of illegal drug use.

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