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American History Assignment

First of all, there were many features of the New Deal which were introduced with the sole purpose to combat one of the largest obstacles facing America at this period – unemployment. Various alphabet agencies, such as the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) were instated entirely to get Americans back to work – happy & healthy. The CCC targeted young men who could sign on to this Corporation for a period of 6 months, in which they would be assisted in their search for work.

However, even if they still could not locate an occupation before the time had elapsed, then they could possibly have their contract renewed – until they were able to unearth employment. In addition to this, another alphabet agency, the Public Works Administration (PWA) was introduced in order to allow many Americans who were suffering the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash to discover employment in various public works schemes – building schools, hospitals, etc.

This was both beneficial to the country in the long-term; as these new buildings could be used by later generations, & in the short term, as they generates hundreds of thousands of jobs – providing a lifeline for many Americans who found themselves bankrupt due to the speculation of themselves & their banks with whom they trusted with their savings. Both of these agencies had a immensely significant impact on the amount of Americans who were unemployed at this time, as both generated vital short term jobs.

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Secondly, there was a substantial amount of agencies, as well as a number of acts, which were introduced in order to restore the prosperous nature of both industrial & agricultural businesses which both had been on the receiving end of the new-found bankruptcy which gripped the country. An example of an administration which helped to contribute to this restoration would be the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA). This administration set quotas on the amount of crops that a farm was allowed to produce – & this helped to combat the previous problem of overproduction which many previous farmers had encountered.

This subsequently prevented the undercutting which had seen previous farmers’ profits plummet incredibly drastically. In addition to this, an example of an act which was instated in order to help the industrial corporations would be the Wagner Act, (Albeit this was part of a Second New Deal, which Roosevelt introduced in 1935). This act permitted trade unions to operate in companies – consequently negotiating better conditions & salaries for the workers.

Although at first this would imply that these industrial companies would lose even more money, this actually helped them revitalise their failing stature – it gave the lower class workers more money to spend. This meant that the consumer goods which previously were not affordable enough for this lower-class segment of society could now be purchased – resulting in more sales & thus larger profit margins for these companies. Thirdly, in order to achieve the aim of providing relief for the elderly, sick & unemployed, Roosevelt instated two more major agencies & acts.

First of all, the Social Security Act was introduced – this provided state pensions for the elderly & widows who were struggling to manage independently. This meant that these groups of citizens became more financially secure – & thus more happy & supportive of the government. However, perhaps the most important feature of this act would be the fact that it set up ‘Unemployment insurance’. This entailed that, employers of an a worker would make a rather minor, yet noticeable contribution to an account of sorts – which could be divulged to the worker if they ever became unemployed.

This helped them benefit until they could manage to locate further employment. In addition to this, the Federal Emergency Relief Administration was initiated which pioneered the cause of the indigent. A sum of $500 million dollars was exhausted in order to construct edifices such as soup kitchens, employment schemes & nurseries. This proved substantially effective in providing sustenance, refuge, & employment for various sections of the community, & contributed to a more joyous, protected America.

The desperation of the majority of Americans (the exploitive owners of super corporations such as Henry Ford being the exception) was seemingly a thing of the past, with the current generation being fortuitous enough to have a flourishing vision of the future. Finally, the fourth of Roosevelt’s main targets was to protect the citizens’ savings & properties which they had amassed over their lifetimes. The major agencies/acts which were established in order to achieve this aim would be the Emergency Banking Act, & the Security Exchange Commission.

The Emergency Banking Act was, in my opinion, the major pinnacle which triggered the restoration of America’s failing economy & stature. This act entailed that; all banks would temporarily adjourn from service until an inspection had been conducted by the government. The Security Exchange Commission was the commission who were given the specific responsibility to ensure that the banks were trustworthy – & suitable to handle money. As we know, many banks speculated there savers money, & this caused the investors to lose the most influential factor which affects the economy of any country – confidence.

After the Security Exchange Commission had inspected the banks & reopened them, the confidence which had been dissipated by the foolhardy, reckless antics of the banks suddenly returned to the American citizens – the had regained the confidence which was so desperately required in order to stabilize America’s fluctuating economy, & because of the rules & regulations which were introduced to prevent this from happening again, citizens returned to their confident saving.

To conclude, there were many alternating features of the New Deal, which all helped to contribute to the revitalisation of the USA’s economy. With many agencies such as the PWA & CCC providing a gateway to the flourishing, yet economically stable America of yesteryear.

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