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Alexander the Great Essay

Alexander the Great Is depicted to be a overruling man who wanted the glory all to himself. The author was trying to inform us on the real Alexander. In some countries he was great and In others, he was terrible. Allen informs us on how people would leave out major facts of alexander’s legacy. He showed us how movies and books were made to make Alex look like a hero but actually he was Just another man out for what he wanted and did not care what got in his way. We are shown Just how much damage was done and what eople thought about him behind closed doors.

Alexander was known and greeted as “The Great”, which could be argued as an oxymoron. He was notoriously known for taking over countries and for trying to be the ultimate, benign ruler. For example was with the destruction of Thebes. He attacked every house in the city. That included the enslavement of women and children of thirty thousand. He was also a complicit of his father’s death. Alexander had a massacre in Branchidae and he executed the governor of Gaza. Alex did whatever he saw fit to keep him on top and ahead of e everyone else.

Alexander did not provide democracy to the people he defeated. He killed his lover and his best friend and did not think twice all for over food and drink indulgence. His slaughtering humans Just for his rights were becoming extreme. every place he defeated, he left a satrap to rule that city In place of him. He made laws that permitted women and children to be killed without any motive. Some laws he made were outrages and ignorant beyond belief. He killed Just for what he thought was politically right in his era of time. Alexander was said to have completely changed the Hellenistic civilization.

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He helped spread glories of Greek language and formed a unity of geographical elements. He was also said to be ” the original architect of an amalgam Greco-Roman civilization in the Near East. ” Actually Alex did not plan on it turning out that way. Since he wanted his fame, he got It. In the statement John Prevas, an author of the book “Envy of the Gods: Alexander the Great’s Ill-Fated Journey across Asia”, he sees Alex as a destructive maniac. He implies that even though it was over more than twenty-five hundred years ago, people In the western end sully hold a grudge; mainly Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Iran.

I feel he is right because Alexander did so much evil and wrong doing why would they not be upset. That one decade could have damaged the future for the future generations. Throughout this story, it is made to seem that Alexander “the Great” was not so great. There was a lot more to him than maybe most people did not know and some almost all his goals and did not think twice of completing his task. He almost achieved domination and that was what he created. No one have matched up to his standards and that is what made Alexander the Great- or the Terrible.

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