What are the advantages to a movie studio of an artificially created star - Assignment Example

Due to our advanced technology in the modern society, there is virtually no difference what so ever between a real star and a made up one. A star is an image of a person who is famous across a range of media. They are accepted by these media and would have many news values. They would have global appeal as well as star power.

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The movie studio would have total control over the artificially created star and therefore, the star would appear and look how they want them to. This star would show up on time, meaning that employees would no longer have to put up with its temper; mood swings; reducing the likelihood of unexpected problems etc. Also, this star would be perfect and so the public would see it as the “perfect women”. She would be pretty with no spots, and would likely be stereotyped with blond hair, model figure, be able to sing and dance well.

As the technology now a day is becoming more and more advanced, the price to produce an artificially created star would be going down while alternatively, the price to employ a real star would still be increasing. As stars get older and begin to have wrinkles, they would inject nerve poison, which would freeze their nerves reducing their expression, and therefore, they are removing actor’s own floors.

It would also be safer for movie studios to use these artificially created stars as they would be able to predict what will happen since they control them and so the promised box office the star power provides would therefore, maintain under the control of the movie studios.


As a conclusion, having an artificially created star would be cheaper and would mean that the movie studio would be able to have total control over them. Their star would be perfect, and the public wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a real star and an artificially created one. This artificially created star would be the movie studio’s property while it would still have star powers and would be a product or a service that could be bought and sold with a minimum amount of value.

How might audiences respond to an artificially created star?

To the audience, they may or may not be able to tell the difference between an artificially created star and a real one. However, the artificially created star would reflect an image of a “perfect women” with talent and the use of stereotype. Some might be uncomfortable with the idea as everything is too perfect and yet, we demand that. Since we feel uncomfortable with this idea, as it is so perfect we would like to be like this image.

The audience would also be edger to find out more about this perfect star, as they feel that there must be some aspects in their life that would make them less perfect, they would be interested to find out the weaknesses of this star and its outside life. Therefore, this creates an enigma making audiences find answers about whether or not this artificially created star is as perfect as it looks. However, as time passes audience would no longer be interested in the perfect image as there is nothing to find out about. So even though this artificially created star is accepted by a large range of media, as they have news values they would not attract many readers as negativity is good news to the public eye and yet these perfect images has no negative news for the public.

Many audiences would be attracted to this artificially created star and would purchase products related to this star in order to know their star properly. They would listen to this star and would do anything this star tells them to do.

As a conclusion, the audiences may not believe that there would be anyone who could possibly be perfect and therefore would try to find out more about this star. And yet, they do not want such perfect stars as it is not interesting if every aspect of their life is perfect, causing the media to only write achievements and positive news since negativity usually means good news to people, making them interested.