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Adolf Hitler – The Unknown Story Assignment

In 1889 a tyrant was born. A man whose name some elderly people still loathe to hear spoken aloud. That man was Adolf Hitler. Most people today synonymously identify Hitler with World War II. However, many of us do not realise how interesting and complex his personal life was. As someone who is particularly interested in psychology, I find Adolf Hitler to be a most intriguing subject to research; in particular his interaction with women. Though, to truly understand such a complicated man as Adolf Hitler, we have to start at the beginning – his childhood.

Adolf Hitler was born at half past six on the evening of April 20, in Braunau, Austria. He was the son of Alois Hitler, an illegitimate customs official, and his third wife Klara.

Adolf grew up with a poor record at the various schools he attended and left, before completing his tuition, with an ambition to become an artist (at the age of sixteen). His efforts at school decreased after his father died of a pleural haemorrhage in 1903.

Nine months after the death of his father, his older half-sister Angela (daughter of Alois’ second wife Franziska) married Leo Raubal. Together, Angela and Leo produced three children (Leo Raubal, Angela Maria – whom Hitler always called Geli, and Elfriede).

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During this time, Hitler had moved to several different places, including Vienna whilst maintaining little contact with his half-brothers and -sisters. However, in 1927 when he was nearly thirty-eight, he rented a house for the first time in Obersalzberg. Having found himself a house, he offered his destitute sister, Angela (Raubal) the job of housekeeper, which she readily accepted. As Angela’s daughters were too young to fend for themselves, Hitler allowed them all to stay with him. Thus began an incredibly involved relationship with his niece Geli.

It has been stated that Geli was the only woman Adolf Hitler ever loved. Many of his subordinates noticed a drastic change in his personality whenever Geli was with him. She was the only person who was ever really able to relax him.

Tragically, their relationship was not to last. Geli was found dead on the floor of her bedroom on the morning of Saturday the 19th of September 1931. She had bled to death from a gunshot would near the heart. The bullet had missed her heart but pierced her lung. A Walther 6�35 lay on the couch nearby. Strangely, there was no suicide note, which lead to speculation over whether Geli killed herself or whether Adolf Hitler killed her.

After Geli’s death Hitler became a vegetarian. Erich Fromm called Hitler’s vegetarianism a “reaction formation”. He believed that Hitler’s “abstinence from meat was an atonement for his quilt and proof of his incapacity to kill”. However, Fromm was most likely unaware of Hitler’s sexual perversions.

Adolf Hitler had multiple paraphilias. He enjoyed voyeurism (scopophilia), sadism (torturophilia), masochism (algophilia), the buttocks of other people (pygophilia), being defecated upon (coprophilia), pornography (pictophilia/narratophilia), and extreme age differences between himself and his partner (chronophilia). He also only had one testicle (monorchism) and an underdeveloped penis (micropenis). He was also a narcissistic misogynist.

With this new side of Hitler’s life brought to the surface, his vegetarianism can now be seen as being a perverted symbol. Geli describes how important coprophilia was to Hitler, and it can be seen how Hitler would easily associate food and drink to this fetish. Therefore, by denying himself certain types of food and drink he is symbolically providing himself with an extreme form of masochistic degradation.

After Geli’s death, Hitler turned his sadistic nature towards the war he was fighting. He began to order the mass slaughter of many minority groups. He was expressing his anger at Geli for committing suicide at the expense of millions of lives.

Whilst Geli was alive, Hitler degraded their friendship and her trust by flirting with other women. This may also have been a factor in Geli’s suicide.

Most notably, are Hitler’s exchanges with Eva Braun, whom he married not long after Geli’s death.

In April 1945, Hitler realised that his attempt to take over the world was now useless. He had lost everything that was important to him; the war, and most significantly, Geli.

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