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Should We Adhere To A Mediterranean Diet or An UK Diet In Order To Obtain A Healthy Heart Essay

Many biologists are trying to find out why the Mediterranean diet produces a healthier outcome than the UK diet. One issue is that the Mediterranean diet is more nutritional and consuming this type of diet produces a lower risk to developing many illnesses, whereas the UK diet is less nutritional and contains more saturated fats and sugars.

Biologists have concluded that consuming the UK diet may cause more damage to your health and lifestyle than consuming the Mediterranean diet. After many researchers and biologists proved that the Mediterranean diet was much healthier, they conducted trials and studies on many different people. A study called predimed-Reus was conducted on 418 non-diabetic Spanish people. (1) They were aged 55 to 80 years old. They required a yearly oral glucose tolerance test and they were put into randomized groups. The groups were:

1. A low fat diet (Control Group)

2. A Mediterranean diet with virgin olive oil- 1 litre per week

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3. A Mediterranean diet with nuts- 30g a day


1. The biologists conducting the study compiled a list of what should consist in the Mediterranean diet. This list was proved to have benefit to our health.The use of olive oil

2. A lot of fruit, vegetables, legumes and fish

3. Small amount of meat and more consumption of white meat

4. The avoidance of butter, cream, fast food, sweets, pastries and sugar sweetened beverages

5. A moderate consumption of red wine (Alcohol drinkers)

Another study about the UK diet compared with the Mediterranean diet was conducted by a team from the University College London. 3,500 middle-aged civil servants were split up into two type of diets- a diet which included fruit, vegetables and fish (Mediterranean diet) and another diet which included sweetened desserts, fried food, processed meat and high fat dairy products (UK diet). They results of the study were, the people who ate the most whole food had a 26% lower risk of developing depression. The people that ate a diet with processed food had a 58% higher risk of developing depression. This showed that the UK diet did do damage to health, whereas the Mediterranean diet did do as much damage. (2)

The studies that were conducted are appropriate to the issue explained because it shows that the findings and theories that a lot of researchers have identified (The Mediterranean diet is better for us than the UK diet) are correct and have been proven. This makes the data collected valid. The people used in the studies were suitable because they did not suffer from any underlying problems which could make the results inaccurate and a lot of anomalies would be used. The results of the studies also allow many biologists to solve the issue and discover new ways to make the UK diet suitable and healthier as well as provide new medical research and information that may be valuable to others now and in the future.

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