Who Acted Most Responsibly out Of the Five Characters Involved with Eva’s Death - Assignment Example

Out of the five characters involved with Eva’s death I think Mr Birling acted the least responsible. When Eva came back from her holiday she started a protest with some other factory girls to get more money as they were being underpaid. Once the protest started Mr Birling saw this as a threat and stopped it at once by firing Eva. Mr Birlings main reason for firing Eva was due to the fact that she did have a point in her protest and he didn’t want word to get out that he was underpaying his workers.

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By doing this Mr Birling was only thinking about himself and his company and he was so determined that he didn’t even think about raising the workers pay. I don’t think that the excuse “She wasn’t doing her work properly” is good enough. The character I think acted most responsibly with Eva’s death is Eric. Although Eric got Eva pregnant I still think he acted most responsibly by staying with her and looking after her. Eric has a drinking problem and comes from a posh, high class family.

Eric probably already feels like the rest of the family are looking down on him and wouldn’t want to do anything else to give them reason to but when he finds out that Eva is pregnant with his child he takes the risk of getting caught by stealing money from his fathers business. Although stealing isn’t the right thin to do and he shouldn’t have gotten Eva pregnant in the first place the fact that he is sticking by her and trying to get money for her shows that he really cares for her and the child.

I also think Sheila acted irresponsibly also. Sheila got Eva fired by making a complaint even though Eva didn’t do anything wrong. After Sheila made a complaint to Milwards they had no choice to fire Eva as Sheila was “a daughter of a good customer”. Gerald acted irresponsibly by sleeping with Eva or as he knew her Daisy when he was seeing Sheila at the same time.

I believe that Sibyl acted neither responsibly or irresponsibly as she was only doing her job. As a member of the woman’s committee it was her job to decide to help the women or not and the committee are not capable of helping every woman that comes to them. As Eva lied to the committee by saying her name was Ms Birling and so the real Ms Birling decided that there were more trust worthy woman that needed help and there fore sent her away.