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Abrupt Climate Changes Prove to Be of Concern Essay

“Warming World Presents Challenges” is an opinion piece written by Richard Alley published in the Harrisburg Patriot News on September 21, 2003. In his article, Alley shared his concerns regarding abrupt climate change due to human actions. Not only did Alley express his worries, but he also tried to inform his audience of the environmental problems that we may face in the future. He attempted to persuade people to take action and help to end the problem of global warming. This article is a very effective means of communication and persuasion based on several factors.

One reason that this editorial is so effective is because Alley gives examples of the problems that humans could face in the future due to abrupt climate change and global warming. For example, Alley mentioned such issues as uncomfortable conditions for humans because of extreme heat, melting of polar ice caps, and deadly heat waves. Alley did a good job of explaining How these problems are created. To do this, he described how too much carbon dioxide released by humans acts similar to a heavy blanket on a sleeping child, overheating the Earth.

Although this is a good comparison, Alley could have been more effective by informing his audience on how large amounts of carbon dioxide deplete the ozone layer, which causes global warming. Another reason that this article is such an effective one is because Alley catches the attention of his audience. The newspaper’s readers are most likely drawn into reading this article because of the subtitle which reads, “Humans’ actions could increase chances of abrupt climate changes”.

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This catches the attention of the readers because they realize that it has something to do with a problem that they, as human beings, are creating. They may also pay close attention to the article because it is noted that Richard Alley, the author, is a Professor of Geosciences at Penn State. Alley’s occupation tells his audience that the subject of his article is one that he is well-educated in. The fact that Alley is educated in the field of his article topic would probably make the editorial more effective to anyone seeking to know more about the writer’s credibility.

A third way that Alley does a good job of catching his audience’s attention is by using the “scare tactic”. Alley scares his audience by telling them possible future threats from global warming, such as the melting of polar ice caps and the flooding of the Earth. This should worry most of Alley’s audience, and they may decide that it is time to help end the problem of abrupt climate change. One factor of Alley’s abrupt climate change article that makes it an enjoyable and tolerable one to read is the fact that he is very optimistic in his hopes that the global warming problem will be ended.

Towards the end of the article, Alley proposed ways that we can help to control abrupt climate change. He listed ways to help end this climate problem, such as planting trees and advanced planning to prevent water problems. Alley also said that more U. S. participation in international discussion of pollution could help poor, populous countries understand the dangers of drought, floods, and other serious climate and weather conditions.

Alley could have been even more effective had he used statistics that prove that human beings are really the cause of abrupt climate change, such as how much carbon dioxide is released into the air each year due to certain actions of human beings. Alley should also inform his readers, who might not be educated in the issue of global warming, of how humans release an excessive amount of carbon dioxide into the already damaged atmosphere. He should include examples such as the burning of fossil fuels and the large amount of fuel-powered automobiles.

Overall, Alley’s editorial on abrupt climate change proved to be an effective one. He stated his opinions and concerns about the climate changes as well as proposing optimistic ways to solve this rather serious dilemma. Alley does a great job of grasping the attention of his audience and holding on to it until the end of his editorial. Because of its effectiveness, Alley’s article will most likely inspire readers to think more about their own roles in our planet’s environment.

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