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About a Boy Essay

It seamed like he was the only one who truly understood himself, He was the black sheep in a flock of white “better than him” sheep. A well and true out cast. This he is me, I’ve lived in this scabby little town all my life and had limited amounts of friendship, is this because of my appearance, the things I like, or just because I’m relatively intelligent, unlike most of these other half wits that attend my school. The use of the word sheep above also has another meaning, to me anyway, you come to our school and everyone wears the ame clothes and do the same thing…

E. g. people have Nike shoes and Addidas jogging bottoms, just kappa slappas in general clothing terms. All of there hair looks like a cow has just walked up to them and licked there face, “its called a quiff, get with the times man” is there excuse. And they all listen to club music. Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that everyone is afraid to be different… except from me. Which is a good thing for them, they can show off to their girlfriends (all similar as well) beating and poking fun at the weak, ifferent kid.

This is why this morning, like all, I lay in my bed hoping some sort of angel or what not will whisk me away to “a better place”. Ha that could be anywhere the way I’m feeling now. It doesn’t and I’ve decided that I’ve waited long enough so I jump out of bed and go to get some Cornflakes, after I’ve completely woken up I do the regular morning ritual, brush teeth, get dressed etc… and make my way to school with the ear numbing screams of Kurt Cobain blasting into my ears Via my walkman.

I get to the front gate where I am warmly greeted by some brain dead, sheep he snatches my walkman from me “what you listenin’ to” he says “god dam, he sounds like a bitch. What a load of crap” he says while throwing it to the floor and trampling it. I shove him, I’m not standing for that… but in reality I will have to. I realize this and do a runner. As I run through the sea of comedians mocking my hair, I take another sharp turn and catch a gasp of air. My chest feels tight as if constricted by a large snake.

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Then, the person I least wanted to see came round the corner. His hair looks freshly licked and his body looks huge like a truck. As he steam rolls towards me I curl up like a ball in the corner. His unforgiving eyes stair viciously into mine, I try to stand up to him, but my legs numb with fear wouldn’t move. He pulls me up by my collar spits in my face, after taking his fag out of his mouth. He puts his fag into my mouth, and punches me in the stomach forcing me to inhale, I cough like I’ve got some sort of isease, he laughs and so doses his crowd.

He throws me to the ground stubs his fag out on my head and screams “faggot! Won’t try that again in a hurry will you” he walks away with his big shot buddies discussing the situation. As always I’m left alone to tend to my own wounds. That night when I got home, alike every other night I cried to myself I contemplated to myself whether life really was worth living the end conclusion was No. This was the night I waited for all my life… This was the night the Angel finally whisked me away.

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