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A lapse in time Essay

The Cold draught swished close around my neck, it was although a thousand voices were swarming me ears. As I approached the derelict house the wind grew stronger and as it seemed, so did the voices. I stopped dead outside the front of the house when I lost all hearing of the wind, and everything fell silent it was like a blanket suffocating every part of me, and the strangest thing was that although there was trees there was no birds chirping away. No sound at all it was a deadly silence.

As I moved slightly closer to the entrance, the leaves below which were all dried up and all that was left was the skeleton. I took a quick look up to the house to see walls falling to pieces crumbling before me. It was almost like a cold block of cheese crumbling with every touch. The walls were cracked like large lightning bolts, which struck with ivy creepers and briars surrounding them, although they were strangling them to death. Deep into the walls laid the basic window frames, which had been boarded up with pieces of moss creeping from underneath, seeping through.

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The door at the front of the house was somehow stuck, ridged in its frame it lead you to think of all sorts of things that could

Be laying behind it, but with a hard thud it became easier to prise open. I looked forwards into the large hall where floorboards were missing, and on the ones that had remained there, lay smashed framed paintings with pieces of what looked like they had come from the broken chandeliers which were still half hung upon the ceiling, covered in cobwebs.

To the left was the old very crooked and unsafe stairwell which was scratched, like a cat had been scratching away at the banister and with nearly every step up, something in the house had became that little bit more loose and some things flew off the walls. Everything had a cold lonely feeling to it and there was a pain in me of isolation from everything in the world today.

I stepped out onto the garden porch where a bright light was shining. As I stood there the wind in the air grew stronger and all the leaves that had been laying flat on the ground began to swirl, it was like a large whirlwind was just about to take place. The branches on the trees shook vigorously. I still stood there not knowing what was going to happening, when everything became louder and more violent and the porch on which I was standing, crumbled before my feet.

I leapt to the hard crackled ground and all the noises began to disappear as I lay there Everything began to swirl again and there I was, The Warm soft breeze swam past my face, as I stepped through the white iron gate. The Sun sparkled onto the crisp, clean new windows planted in the terracotta brick wall with window bays with summer flowers in, swaying in the warm air. The door was newly fitted in its hinges, placed perfectly in its frame. I entered the house, the carpet was newly laid and had that newly laid smell to it with the feeling you could bounce sky high.

I looked to left of me where there was what looked like a ball of some sort with the guests ball gowns long, in subtle colours complimenting the house. The champagne glasses twinkled from the sun entering through the window. The fireplace was letting out a hot air and the house was made very homely with long velvet curtains and a wooden piano in the living room.

In front of me there was a long spiral stairs and a soft wooden banister polished to its full. Paintings all around, filled the house and flowers in shining vases were scattered around. In the back yard petals bloomed and the water in the pond glistened. There were trees and plants around a path that lead to a little summerhouse, which was decorated like a paradise island.

I sat down on the soft, warm chair that was situated in the centre of the sunny, calm summerhouse as I heard the soft music filling the room from, well I couldn’t seem to find where it was coming from but it was beginning to gradually become louder.

The dark, unsafe swing was swinging in the frosty wind and smell of the ground become old and musty. I jumped straight up to see the old dilapidated house once again. I ran straight through the back door and out the front again, as I did I tripped over on the old, rusty wrought iron gate and I decided I had to get out of that place. Something was going terribly wrong.

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