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360-Degree System Essay

“Companies have attempted to Improve employee performance evaluations In the 21st century by expanding feedback to include peers, subordinates, and internal and external customers, along with conventional supervisor evaluations, according to the Business Dictionary definition of 360 degree feedback. This feedback mechanism gets its name trom the all-around feedback on competence-based performance. Like any evaluation tool, the 360 degree feedback has common advantages and disadvantages” (Advantages & Disadvantages of 360 Degree Feedback).

Companies an use data collected on feedback programs to monitor consistent patterns or areas of weakness for employees within the organization. Organizations develop more effective training programs targeted at collecting common areas of weakness for employees throughout the organization or In specific departments. Some employees are bothered when they feel unfairly critiqued by managers who may often have little direct interaction with them. Hearing feedback directly from colleagues and customers In a safe, anonymous way may help the employee buy In to the reality of he information.

In his “360 Degree Feedback” article on the site Amazing Results. registered psychologist Roland Nagel points out that one commonly noted disadvantage of 360 degree feedback is that employees may not feel comfortable offering honest feedback of supervisors. This same dilemma could exist In employee- to-employee evaluations (Advantages & Disadvantages of 360 Degree Feedback). This also needs to be considered that different employees interact in different ways with the person being reviewed.

Subordinates observe different behaviors in a supervisor han that supervisor’s same-level colleagues and his managers. Additionally, customers have a different perspective on an employee’s behaviors. The popularity of 360-degree feedback is undeniable. Yet, perceived benefits will help the personal development of workers only in the right organizational climate. When this method is uullzed In the wrong environment, the results can be detrimental. With close consideration and evaluation of the environment, the decision to employ this tool should be made carefully.

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