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The 3 most important reasons for WWII Assignment

After the First World War all things became calm and settled until one man by the name of Adolf Hitler stepped up and suddenly everything seemed to change. He was a man with an ambition, an ambition he was prepared to harm anything that comes in his way to get there. He did although go to prison and wrote a book whilst inside.

The Reichstag fire and other factors enabled him to get into power and when he did he turned Germany into a prosperous nation but the secret behind all that prosperity was he made all Germans speak through a flower by enforcing secret police called the Gestapo who were spies and listened in to anyone who was performing treason. The road to the war was made by several factors, both successes and failures, but overall no single person was at fault for WWII, it was a whole load of people……….

After the war, Germany signed the treaty of Versailles, where they had to follow all the rules in the treaty like they had to pay reparations (compensation) mainly to France after WWI, they couldn’t re-arm and other rules limiting them to power. The treaty was made by the League of Nations which was setup after the war to vote on things that were important and decide what to do in the world.

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The League of Nations had 50 participants and had some successes like stopping arguments between Sweden and Finland but had some problems because the League of Nations was like a “lion with no teeth” because it set the rules and did not have someone to enforce them on the people it had set it to. The second reason was Hitler’s ambition. Hitler was a man who would do anything to get what he wanted and within 3 days of becoming Fuhrer Hitler told his military to re-arm in secret, he introduced conscription and factories produced armaments, took personal command of his armed forces and used the Spanish Civil War to test his new equipment.

He also sent his troops to invade Rhineland and Austria but for the first time Hitler wasn’t prepared yet because he described the march as “the most nerve-racking thing in my life. ” Another reason for the war was appeasement, where people were given what they want to keep them quiet. Germany was given appeasement because many people thought that the treaty of Versailles was too harsh on Germany, they were scared of another war and Britain needed more time to prepare.

Germany shouldn’t have been given appeasement because it gave them loads more power over some countries. This gave Hitler loads of confidence and provided Germany with good fighting technology. The 2 final reasons for WWII were the USA isolationism and the Nazi Soviet Pact. In the USA isolationism the American politicians thought that too many Americans had lost their lives in Europe so they , introduced isolationism to stop them getting involved with whatever happened in Europe.

This was good for Hitler because he knew that the strongest people who were going to oppose him would not do anything. The Nazi Soviet Pact was signed by Germany and Russia not to fight each other to the amazement of many people. Russia signed it because they needed more time to prepare for battle and Germany signed it because they wanted to fight Britain and France first and then concentrate on Russia.

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