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Free sample essay about myself and my perseverance

Sometimes people say I resemble Harvey Specter from the legal drama Suits which is popular in the United States. Maybe, it is something about my appearance; I am tall and well-built. I have short light-brown hair and brown eyes. Or perhaps it is my life principles. I hate losing and I adore winning. My perfectionism…

An angry and rebellious teenager’s room

A fiery red with flashing flames from wall to wall, ceiling to floor. No curtains, no drapes. This room does not require beauty. A simple, white set of broken blinds barely covers the only window in the room. In the far left corner stands a large mirror that has been shattered and cracked in different…

The red room – review

The red room was written by HG Wells pre 20th century. The story is about a room that is haunted by your own fear. Throughout the story the writer builds up suspense and tension, leaving the reader feeling tired after reading. The title “The Red Room” attracts the reader’s attention because we don’t know what…



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Compare and contrast the two stories ‘Farthing House’ and ‘The Red Room’

There is a large contrast regarding context between the two short stories. A reason for this is due to the different eras in which they were written. ‘Red Room’ was written back in the Victorian times around the late Nineteenth Century, whereas ‘Farthing House’ is set around the late Twentieth Century. This would certainly play…

The setting and atmosphere of three short stories

In this course work I am going to examine the settings from three stories, “the man with the twisted lip” written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, “the signal man” written by Charles dickens, he was influenced by a train crash he had experienced that year, that’s why his story was about a signal man and…

Compare the two stories `The Red Room`And `Farthing House`

My assignment is to compare the two stories `The Red Room` by H.G Wells and `Farthing House` by Susan Hill. I will compare the two stories by looking at the descriptions such as genre, characters, structure, style, atmosphere and setting. H.G. Wells was a pre twentieth century author, he was a very famous writer and…

Humor, Irony and Effects in HG Wells’ short stories

Out of all the HG Wells short stories that I have read, I have chosen to write about “The Red Room”, “The Stolen Bacillus” and “The Inexperienced Ghost”. This is because I found them to be most entertaining of all, and also because they have many interesting dramatic effects. In ghost stories or horror thrillers,…

Compare the two ghost stories, ‘The Red Room’ and ‘Farthing House’

I am going to compare ‘The Red Room’ by H. G. Wells and ‘Farthing House’ by Susan Hill. I have a lot to compare, as the ‘Red Room’ is a very traditional ghost story with a very gothic theme, while ‘Farthing House’ is a very modern ghost story that uses twists and turns, quite unexpectedly…

How the writers of `The Red Room’ and `The Whole Town’s Sleeping’ create a sense of fear and tension for the reader

The criterion for a great horror story is fear and tension. Tension is the emotion the reader experiences in the build up to a suspicious event in the context of the two horror stories. One such example of tension is the repetition of “It’s your own choosing… ” in `The Red Room’. This makes the…

The Elements Of ‘The Time Machine’ By H G Wells

At the end of the 19th centrey there was an enoms sceintifical revlution, witch saw many new idears and inventions. This intest in sciens also was conved in the whiting of the time as whiter combind the newly found knolge of sciens with the scope of fiction, this enanbled whiter to whight beyond the sciens…

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