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Agents of Socialization

* Family is the most important agent of socialization in all societies. Families serve important functions in society because they are the primary locus for the procreation and socialization of children. Families are also the primary source of emotional support. * My family is always there for me. I’m a very emotional person, so I…

To what extent is educational achievement today, still affected by inequalities

There are many influences affecting education in today’s society, the main factors being social class, gender and ethnic minority status. Although Education Acts in previous years have helped to reduce some of these factors, the division between social classes and educational achievement remains quite evident, even today. Social classes have become distorted over the years…

Poverty and Health

During this assignment I will be examining the sociological explanations for the link between poverty and illness. I will be considering various sociological explanations and will try to say which of these explanations is most useful and why. According to Taylor et al (2005, Pg 188) sociologists differ over how poverty should be defined and…



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Individual Vs Society

Principles, motivations and conflicts in the relationship between individual rights on the one hand, and government and law on the other are central to the study of sociology. Analysis of the relationship between the individual and society long predates the development of sociology dating back to the 17th century. The focus is on the respective…

A Vicious Attack on America

The United States, the way we knew it, changed on September 11, 2001. Shocking as the news was, it was reality and we had to deal with it. Thousands of lives-men, women, and children of various races and religions-were innocently taken. These heartless groups of terrorists set their eyes on The World Trade Center buildings…

The reasons for changes in the patterns of marriage, cohabitation and divorce in the last 30 years

Britain today is a much more complex society than in past times, with great diversity in terms of households within which people live. Much of this diversity has been gained at the expense of tradition and there has been a downward trend in the certain types of families. Despite some improvements in recent years in…

The ways in which educational policies may reproduce and justify social class inequalities

The Macro, Structuralist theory of education is said to be meritocratic from a functionalist perspective, creating equality of opportunity for all. The Marxist perspective challenges this and sees education as part of societies ideological state (Althuser 1972), controlled by policies. These policies have, in effect contradicted the theory of equality of opportunity. Over the past…

Participant Observation Exercise

My participant observation took place in the University’s Student Union. I observed three friends who were already seated from 5. 47pm to 6. 15pm and was able to make judgements on social relationships and individual actions. I observed three males, excluding myself. I will refer to them under different names in order to preserve any…

Why patterns of childbearing have changed in contemporary British society

The options open for women have changed dramatically over the years and smaller family sizes, the later age at which women are having children and the fact that women are remaining childless reflect on the fact that women now have more options than just motherhood. In the 1940’s, the norms and values of a woman…


In this essay, discussed is the causes and solutions for crime according to right and left realists. The questions answered are going to be, is crime a real problem or is it socially constructed according to the labelling theory or is the root cause of crime the fact that society is unequal or that control…

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